is gold the investment for 2022 u.s federal reserve bank is looking to increase interest rate u.s federal reserve bank officials now predict the central bank's benchmark interest rate to rise to 0.9 in 2022. this is up from the 0.3 expectation from september signalling additional interest hikes this may affect the u.s economy and even global economy inflation rate may rise this will affect the people purchasing power and may increase the value of gold if you have gold you will find the value of your gold increase but also means it may be too high to start buying gold now gold to silver ratio to know whether you should buy more gold or more silver you need to monitor the gold to silver ratio gold to silver ratio indicate how many silver compare to gold to match in price in a sense if the ratio is 1 to 80 it means the price of 1 ounce of gold is equal to 80 ounces of silver the ratio may not take in account the premium and spread of physical metal hence a range of ratio is preferred to make a general assumption if the ratio is more than 60 or 80 it is more sense to buy more silver this ratio indicate that silver is very underperforming compared to gold and you will have more gain by buying silver if the ratio is around 40 or 60 gold investment will be more viable than silver these is the main indicator silver is having a bull market and the price will be more expensive than gold comparatively invest in gold to hedge not to earn many people discussing about gold will eventually compare it to stocks performance in reality it should not be a choice of comparison rather think it as a diversification of money and wealth it is a hegent inflation and to protect your wealth if the fiat money you own is worth less what do you think about gold as investment in 2022 leave your comment below like share and subscribe for more video on financial knowledge thank you for watching you

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