I Asked Wall Street Millionaires For Investing Advice

today i'm here on wall street during one 
of the worst financial crashes in history   my goal is to talk to the people and figure 
out the best way to invest during this crash   and i also want to try to get into 
the new york stock exchange so here we guys think you can be in go 
youtube video for a second look we're getting in there today i don't 
know how we're gonna do it we're going into   the stock exchange you be in our video for one 
sec no no okay okay all right guys they're not   taking me seriously enough man so something's got 
to change my boy looks like a criminal right now   we need to get him right yeah we really need 
like the perfect simple stock exchange outfit   yeah i'll buy this all right you think i'm ready for the stock exchange now 
and you're ready for the stock exchange all right   let's get it thank you man of course man you have 
a good one see you later it's go time let's do it   we're back on wall street let's 
see what the people have to say now   excuse me ma'am do you invest in stocks at all i 
do how are you investing during this market crash   right now how am i investing yeah how is your 
investing strategy change during the drop of   the market i'm buying more i love it enjoy your 
day buy some more baby buy the dip baby come on   how are you investing right now during this crash 
uh i'm actually just entirely invested in uh etf's   mutual funds i'm in some bitcoin and some crypto 
have some neo some electric car company socks   and i'm long term i just save a lot 
of money and i do a more conservative   you know etfs i invest in like different real 
estates in different states do you feel like   now is a good time to get into the market yes 
buy gold got you buy gold that's a good tip we   haven't heard that one today thank you man um 
do you work here on wall street a little bit   what do you say to the young new kids that are 
just getting into investing is this a good time   to get started or maybe wait till it thinks it's 
a good time to get in but you got to take a long   view of it definitely you gotta gotta plan 
for not months but years five years 10 years   yeah and stick with it i agree with that you 
look fresh today man have a good day thank you   are you invested in stocks at all 
we spent a lot of money in any shops   not in the stock exchange listen you're probably 
gonna be happier doing that yeah yeah because i'm   wearing it every day yeah and you look good too 
oh thank you see you later how does this crash   like look compared to what you've seen in the 
past the way the people acting everything how   different does it seem that's a good question i 
think in the past two crises covet and financial   uh crisis uh there was a lot the government 
could do to really help with a rapid recovery   it's a different circumstance this time 
over time the markets have always gone up   and just have confidence that things will recover 
as the afternoon was approaching people were   getting less interested in talking to me and after 
being rejected over a hundred times i had truly   reached my breaking point that might have been the 
coldest rejection i got so far and even though it   was painful it was actually great talking to 
all these people but i was looking for a real   wall street legend and for that there was only 
one place i could go you know well you know we   got all dressed up and everything to try to come 
into the stock exchange is it possible to go in   there for a video real quick um unfortunately 
this hasn't been open to the floor since   9 11 no worries thank you man i really wanted to 
go inside so i decided to make a few phone calls   to see what i could do unfortunately i wasn't 
having any luck and then i called my boy sam yo what up bro we here in the city 
right now we're on wall street   trying to get into the stock 
exchange you're there right it looks like you're in the 
city right now can you come here all right bro we'll see you in a couple minutes 
thank you our last hope that's good good yes sir   so look i have to make a call see what 
i can do it usually needs clearance   so i do have one person that usually lets 
me into this place i've been there before   uh super cool experience let me make a call 
no promises but let me see what i can do okay   all right bro try your best all right you 
gotta thank you give me a second all right let's see if the boy sam can come through for 
us this is really our last hope so let's see okay cool i'm with them now and then um i'll 
head over there in a second okay all right cool   okay got some cool news for you what's up 
so a few months ago i met with this guy   and i want to make sure you guys get hooked 
up inside the stock market machine where you   saved the day man thank you hey let's go 
over there maybe should i take you there   yeah all right cool i have a meeting in like 
20 minutes so i'll take you there real quick   and then you guys do whatever you want 
but i gotta run after that okay let's go   how are you investing during these times 
what do you think about the crash overall   so obviously the market's not where it was before 
so we shouldn't be looking at the prices i think   we will be falling for the next few months but i 
will be looking at the great companies like tesla   amazon nvidia all the companies that in five years 
from now will still be rocketing to all-time highs   and slowly averaging down however not overdoing 
myself averaging slowly to extent where i don't   feel overextended inside the market this is it 
man this is where it all happened so he's gonna   be in about five minutes he just confirmed it with 
me um he's gonna take you to that entrance right   over there they're gonna clear through security 
once you're in you can go straight inside take   all the content you need thanks again bro got 
it brother all right peace out gotta run see ya i'm not gonna lie at this point i thought we 
were good i mean we had secured an interview   with a big dog on wall street but unfortunately 
i legally can't say if we went in there or not   even if we literally did get invited to 
go inside which i'm not saying we did   a week after i got home i was told i am not 
allowed to use any of the footage at first   i was gonna scrap this whole video i'm 
just like sad i'm like super bummed like   yeah we'll figure something out but we came such 
a long way i couldn't go out like that so instead   of throwing this whole interview away i had an 
idea so first off how long have you been coming   to the stock machine i came here in 1985.

Got you 
and you've seen a lot since then a lot of crashes   a lot of recessions how does this current dip in 
the market relate to those do you see a similarity   or it's way different i've seen the crash of 87 
the bubble of 2000 the financial crisis of 07.   you know the crazy years under professor orange 
over there and then i've seen uh kobe crack   i think this has components to it that i can 
describe that i've never seen before no one's   ever really had a health crisis this way before 
the economies of the world were shut down to zero   the airline restaurant hospitality travel this 
that and the other thing were basically done   the federal reserve bailed us out 
but i think if we had not done that   we would be in much bigger trouble than we are now 
what's the best way to invest during these times   i'm not a financial advisor disclaimer all day 
long that's not what i do i understand there's   no better time to learn about the market and 
invest and trade the market then during a crisis   because the volatility makes for great learning 
experience if you're an investor looking to get   into the market for the first time you've got to 
learn how to do this you can make money on an up   market and a down market markets do go up and 
down we really appreciate it my pleasure first   day on wall street was a huge success but honestly 
all this suit is like uncomfortable and i don't   know if this lifestyle is for me so i think it's 
time to go home see you guys in the next video some tips for him it's his first day on 
walking down wall street just work hard   work hard yeah play hard i like 
this guy uh guys still in here

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