3 Things That’ll Change Your Life (The Tai Lopez Story)

Is it really possible to change your life in just a few minutes? Some people say no Pessimists. I think you can I’m gon na give you three things. Three things that changed my life. You know now people see I got nicer stuff, there’s a rolls-royce ghost on a Maserati, and I got a couple Lamborghinis and Ferraris out here, but I didn’t start out this way i started out. I was sleeping on a couch in a mobile home in Clayton North Carolina. I didn’t have a college degree. I had about forty seven dollars in my bank account i didn’t have any cars people see these think that I always had it. I wasn’t here in Beverly Hills, you know I was in the middle of nowhere, I no college degree and what changed my life was knowing how to motivate myself and these three things i’m gon na share right now. This is a just got a rolls-royce dawn and that’s a aventador lamborghini. The number one thing that I learned that you can learn that will change your life. You have to know what motivates you and it’s different for different people. You might not care about cars. You know you might like travel or freedom from a nine-to-five job. Whatever your thing is find out your mix, i wish the school system had taught us this. You know we learned so many things that we don’t need in school. You learn isosceles triangles in the history of Mesopotamia, but what about how to be productive, overcome procrastination, figure out? What motivates you for me its a mix of a little bit of materialistic things, some nonmaterialistic things like freedom and travel ability to help other people help my family help charities. That mix gets me out of bed every day you got ta know yours. I’Ll talk a little bit more about that later. Number two thing you have to know. I call this my Scarface entrance because it looks like if you’ve ever seen, scarface. The number two thing you have to know is: you need to have the right tools from you. Can’T just say: I’m gon na motivate myself, i’m going to myself, I’m not compressing, doesn’t work that way. The brain doesn’t work that way. In fact, I travel the world. I found mentors and I got them to teach me the best of what they knew and i found 67 tools. I called the 67 steps i’m actually going to put a link to a presentation that I’ve shown tens of millions of people. It’S a link right here below or above in the video it might be down in the description, parent you’re, watching click that link right now go over to our website. It’S absolutely free! You don’t have to put in a credit card or anything and watch this video presentation of six out of the house. The 67 steps and those tools allowed me to begin to go from nothing to something you might have a lot of ideas in your head. Ideas are just ideas: they’re just intangibles until you take some action. Don’T procrastinate click this? This is a. I play the piano single keyboard and that’s the old-school piano there over a century old um so that they know that’s the second thing and i’ll put the link. I explain that more in that video go over and watch my sight. The third thing that you got ta know um. Is you have to have a map of success so think about you know the old days they used to bury treasure and to find it they would have a map, and if you didn’t have that map you could spend all the hard work all the time. All the effort, all the labor you wanted, you never would find the treasure and the school system failed us. Let’S just face it. Elementary school junior high high school, I’m not saying all schools bad, but I’m saying there’s things they didn’t teach us. We didn’t learn the proper tools, and so we weren’t given the map to success and that’s why so many people are in debt and why so many people are depressed and why so many people have financial trouble, and so many people don’t know how to invest their Money, it comes from a lack of a map, and I want to give you a map and that’s part of why I’ve traveled to 40 or 50 countries. Once i was sleeping on that couch, i found a mentor. Might stain back. One thing led to another begin: business networking begin to travel. I’Ve been to you know: New Zealand, Japan and South America, bolivia, chile, Germany, all these countries around the world. Where I found mentors who gave me a map, they said here talk here’s what worked for us. I remember being in Germany with a guy who invited me in, and he was you know, 30 years older than me and he laid out how he just told me. We went on a walk back to the hotel where I was staying. I i was speaking doing a little business. Talk there to his staff is the time when I want to share with you what worked for me. I started at 12 years old and I’m 70 years old, and i want to show you what worked for me. Ty – and I remember thinking this guy’s giving me the map what if they had given me that map, when I was 18 years old in school life, would have been so much easier. If you have the map, you’ll cut the learning curve in you’ll, get you lose motivation if it takes to all. I don’t want to take too long for you. So click the link here going to take you to 67 steps. It’S a map of success. 92 countries people have gone through over a hundred, and twenty thousand people have gone through my 67 steps. I’Ve gotten tens of thousands of people write me saying WOW it. It changed my changed, my life, it helped me get a promotion. Help me get a better job. Help me start a company helped me overcome my fear. Depression anxiety, help me lose 20 pounds. Fifty pounds hundred pounds help me found the love of my life. Help me increase my social circle, learn to business network learning, invest in stock market or gold or real estate become an entrepreneur. That’S what this can do for you so watch this video. There’S no downside, because it’s free to watch some people. You know the difference between some people and other people, the few that are really successful and really enjoy life. They just do this stuff that everyone knows they should do, but they don’t take the time so take a little bit time. Invest in yourself right now. Watch this video is really cool too beautiful day out here. My friends out there playing volleyball in the background, so click this link I’ll see you over my website.

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